The Story of Wood – Vessel Emerging

When you see a finished piece of carved or turned work, it can be difficult to imagine how that piece evolved from wood as we see it in nature – trees, branches, logs and so on.

As part of the Story of Wood – the tale of how trees are reborn as art – I decided to make that connection.

I could have taken the process and shown a part-worked piece, or a piece of turned work at various different stages of completion.

I want to show you something else – something which reveals that transition from wood to art, but isn’t a stage of a process. It represents the process itself.

So I created ‘Vessel Emerging’ which is a fusion between the starting state of the wood and its finished end point – both log and bowl in one seamless piece.

It was important to me that this wasn’t just a bowl glued onto a log – this is all one piece of wood which represents the wholeness of the creation of a turned work.

I hope you enjoy it.