About Us

Art is a second career for both of us, and a journey we have undertaken together:

We met in 2002 and discovered that we shared a love and appreciation of art that we had only fulfilled through collecting, while secretly longing to become artists ourselves.

Rather than return to university for a general fine arts degree, we undertook a wide variety of training courses together, in order to develop well-rounded professional skills. Since these had to fit around our work, this was a gradual process.

We also share a love of photography, which acts as both journal and sketchbook, allowing us to explore the colours, textures and forms that come together and emerge in our artworks.

From 2010 onwards we carefully chose successful and established artists, whose styles we admire, to approach for individual training and mentoring. Through these inspiring master classes, we gained insights, experience and specific skills, methods and techniques to enable us to fulfil our own vision.

We gain most of our inspiration from the natural world, seeking the essence of our subjects in their different moods and exploring human responses to the immensity of nature.

Artists’ Statement

 Our journey together exploring our world through art, photography and travel has led us to a shared conviction: The best ways forward for humanity arise through valuing and harmoniously connecting with all natural living things.

We seek to reconnect people with the natural world through our art, to discover deeper insights, understanding and a sense of their place and purpose within our world.

We work mostly outdoors with locally-sourced natural materials. The process of making is a dialogue between artist and medium and feels like an act of co-creation.

Taking the time to open up the senses, embracing the experiences and emotions that arise in timeless moments of connection: gazing touching, feeling and ultimately connecting with deeper meaning and purpose – this is at the centre of our art.